June 5, 2017


The Ghana Armed Forces

Burma Camp 



Attn: Chief of Defence Staff

Our dear compatriots,




We are deeply saddened by the tragedy that befell the young promising Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama. Why he had to leave at this time, and why it had to happen the way it did, are matters only the good Lord will understand.


We share the pain of his colleagues, his family, and the entire nation. Our condolences go especially to his wife, children and his parents, who undoubtedly would suffer the most hurt.

Captain Mahama is a hero and a martyr. By his death, our nation is waking up to the reality of our situation - the threat to our peace and unity posed by the growing resort to violence, mob action and lawlessness. Suddenly we have become aware of our collective apathy, irresponsibility and carelessness.


But it was a painfull way to learn. So that Captain Mahama would not have suffered in vain, we hope that we shall all come together and work towards ensuring a peaceful society in which we shall be each other’s keeper, a society that will abhor impunity, brutish behaviour, mob justice and all forms of violence. Only then can we ensure that even though he is gone, Captain Mahama will never die. 


We want to commend the military for their exercise of restraint, and for their professionalism during these difficult times, and we pledge our support for all plans that will be made to ensure the future security of Captain Mahama’s family.


May he Rest in Peace.

Yours sincerely,

Accra Hearts of Oak SC 



Kwame Opare Addo

(Communications Manager)